About Us

We are using for Interior and Exterior Art Paints, the imitation gold, silver and copper leaf. We are using also the 24K Gold Leaf for special projects which brings brilliance and extravagant look to the project and also special Gilding method to make it more beautiful and elegant.

We make a ceiling decoration with hand-made gypsum décor and ornaments with mix design of European, Persian, Antique and Islamic ornaments.

Our gypsum board designs for a ceiling are elegant and unique for every project.

The art of painting the wall, interior or exterior in full of creativities and feeling! We are using different technique for paints, like marble paints, antique paints stone effects, modern paints and ….

Marbling is not a simple process; our craftsmen paint facsimiles of all the many different marbles, creating depth and translucency. They add the correct amount of veining and precisely graded pigments to make a perfect copy of the marble typed required; using a variety of sable brushes, natural sponges and even feathers.

We paint any kind of wall murals. Murals are dramatic skies or fantastical landscapes. Our highly skilled artists these bespoke artworks as a special feature in private villa or projects. We paint with the airbrush technique and artist oil paint.